2015 Workshop and Retreat in USA with Chan Laoshi


In-depth study of Chilel Qigong forms and techniques for health and vitality.

The participant will be able to:
1. Demonstrate Medical Qigong techniques that can be used to enhance healing.
2. Describe the concept of Qi and its relationship with health.
3. Describe the qigong theory of illness.
4. Describe ways to blend Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese medical techniques to optimize care for the individual.
5. Describe and demonstrate ways of assisting others to heal without depleting own Qi.
6. Describe the definition of health and disease; healthcare system and health; roles of healthcare provider.
7. Describe the elements of healing.
8. Describe the Dantien, Qi and Meridian theories.
9. Describe the therapeutic effects, physical, visual and sound sensation of “Energy Medicine”.
10. Describe the concept of external qi and the techniques to collect and apply it for healing.


Western vs non-Western approach to health, and disease.
Difference between healing and curing.
Qigong and exercise.
Concept of Qi and health.
Qi and Meridian theories.
New perspective on disease and healing
Therapeutic effects of Energy Medicine.
Prevention and treatment of “New Age Symptoms”
Factors in Healing
Epigenetic and Emotions
Healing techniques for
Balance,hypotension and hypertension
Joints, vertebrae, extremities, inner organs, neck & head
La Chi and 6-Directions La Chi to replenish Qi

What is Qigong?

In Chinese the word "Qigong" has two characters, Qi (Chi) and Gong. "Qi or chi" means life energy and "Gong" means daily effort. In short, Qigong is a practice to use Qi for different purposes including self-healing. Everyone is born with chi and everyone has the potential to use chi for many purposes. It is the same way as swimming, we are born with the potential to swim but only when we acquire the skill to swim then we can enjoy different water activities such as scuba diving, water polo, free style, butterfly swimming, etc. In the same manner, the skill to use chi is trained not born. Once a person is trained how to use chi, he or she then can use chi for martial arts, dancing,weight lifting (yes, weight lifting as the Chinese trained weight lifters using qigong!) and of course, medical, self-healing.

What is Chi-Lel Qigong?

Chi-Lel means chi therapy. Chi-Lel is a trademark by Luke and Frank Chan since 1995 and it is our version of Zhineng Qigong. We try to interpret Zhineng Qigong as closely as possible as we travel to China frequently to update the latest research. Yet the situation in China is very different from the USA (Western World) and we must take advantage of each society's characteristics. In the West, we don't have the luxury to gather hundreds if not thousands of people to practice at one time. Yet, in the West, we have the technology to make different soundtracks audiotape to facilitate individual advancement

Sat Oct 31, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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Holy Spirit Retreat Center Encino, CA
Workshop and Retreat Fee SOLD OUT $1,350.00
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Holy Spirit Retreat Center,4316 Lanai Rd, Encino, CA 91436 United States
Chi-Lel Qigong
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